When I was twelve years old I started teaching myself game development. By 16 I enrolled in online school because I was working full time as a freelance 3D artist. Now 24, I've accumulated nearly a decade of industry experience and seven shipped titles on Steam. I've worked in a plethora of roles including; senior 3D artist, tech artist, level designer, and published indie game developer. These diverse experiences give me the ability to communicate intelligently with the entirety of the development team from pre-production to launch.


  • Game Design

  • Art Direction

  • Character Art

  • Environment Art

  • Texture Art

  • UV mapping

  • Level Design

  • 2D Art

  • Animation

  • UE4 Lighting/Post Processing

  • UE4 Materials

  • GameMaker Language (GML)

Shipped Titles

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 E3 Demo

Creative Director


3D Character Artist

I produced Disney IP artwork for Roblox.

Fractored Veil

Level Designer / Lighting
work under NDA
view project:

Offical Houston Botanical Gardens Arch Viz

UE4 Materials / Design

work under NDA 
view project:

Yore VR

Tech Art / Lighting

See No Evil

Game Designer / Solo Artist

Dungeon Defenders 2

3D Artist

Blue Sheep

Senior Artist

Transport Fever

3D Artist

Chicken Pox

Level Designer

Dungeon Defenders Eternity

3D Artist

Empathy: Path of Whispers

Level Design / Lighting

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